Batteries come with a limited lifespan; your computer battery is no exception. Laptop batteries have a short life span because it consumes a lot of power. So much is going on a laptop at a go. On reaching its life span, you need to replace your computer battery. Money will be spent at this moment. However, you can take measures to ensure that your battery’s life span is longer. This article will give you tips on how to prolong your laptops battery life span.

How to save your computer battery

Shutdown or put to sleep mode when not in use

It happens you were working on your laptop, and something comes up, and you must attend to it. Many people forget about the laptop and rush to the other activity. This is what you should do, activate sleep mode or shut down your laptop, just simple. The two actions save your battery a great deal. On sleep mode, you will come pick up from where you left, on shutting down, the laptop will have to go through the bootup sequence which consumes a bit of power. The sleeping mode is the best way to go.

Unplug devices

Devices plugged into the computer ends up eating more power. From USB drive to a second monitor through VGA. The laptop requires the CPU to work for it to access the devices. A certain type of USB drives consumes a lot of power. Such drain the battery faster. A simple thing like unplugging devices from your laptop will push the new battery purchase date further.

Power saver buttons

We have all seen this notification from time to time. Activating the power saver sends signals to the operating system and adjust hardware and software such that they consume less power. The button has the capability of changing the behavior of the CPU such that it activates only when it is needed to perform certain functions. If that is not the case, the hardware remains inactive for the sake of conserving energy. It is time you hit the power save option.

Turn off Bluetooth and wireless

If have the above functions active, your laptop will keep on searching for connections. It is better to disable the features if you are not using them. Such a simple action will increase the life span of your computer. To save your battery more, lower down the volume and reduce brightness when watching a movie or playing music.